who are they?

T-Bone The SWAT Kats are a heroic duo who fight crime in Megakat City. Chance "T-bone" Furlong (left) and Jake "Razor" Clawson (below) make up the team. Once proud members of the Enforcers, they were kicked out after severly damaging the Enforcer headquarters after a dangerous pursuit of Dark Kat, a master criminal. Forced to pay off their debt working at the city junkyard, they decide to fight crime their own way. After building the Turbokat from parts from the junkyard they now fly high protecting the city from crime.

Razor T-bone is the pilot of the Turbokat. As one of the best pilots ever, his skill with the Turbokat is unmatched. He likes to take charge, sometimes disregarding blatent danger. He is also the more physical of the two, being larger and stronger than Jake.

Turbokat The gunner of the team is Razor. Known for his razor-sharp shooting skills, he makes shots others can only dream about doing. Razor is smaller than his partner but he is more agile. He typically thinks before he shoots and always tries to find a way without violence first.

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