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Video Game Translation & Localization Is A New Trend in The International Market

As globalization hits the world, there are plenty and different kinds of technologies that humans can benefit from, the most common advantage of these technologies is for entertainment. One of the common forms of entertainment is through video games. It has been becoming a popular pastime for almost everybody, both for youngsters and adult people.

Because of this, video games are in considerable demand in the international market. In addition, most of the popular ones originated from Japan and U.S.A. So, does it mean that there is a demand for game translation as well? And how important is translation and localization of these pieces of software? Does the translation of games affect the behavior of human beings, especially children?

Video game translation and localization is the process of converting the story and commands from the primary language to the language of foreign gamers. One of the best examples is the popularity and the stable dominance of the Japanese video game industry in the world market. Japanese developers are always in the forefront of making this a huge multi billion dollar business. Because of this, there are plenty of foreign markets that are being attracted to invest in the video game industry. However, investing or developing a video game in the international market means investing time, effort and reaching processes in localizing your product.

Japan has the, most pioneering industry in terms of video games and most of their businesses, including the video games industry are still growing. Thus, the demand for this type of translation and localization has becomd a big deal the in translation industry. Video game translation is a big help for localization of the product. People would better understand the game instructions and this would create a big impact and amusement to the player.

Moreover, video game translation and localization is not just about converting the main or primary language of the developer and the publisher of the application. Translators, linguists and video specialists should consider the tool or the power in the emotional reaction of the gamer or the player. From that, players can have a good visual and emotional connection between the reality and the animated world. However, translation and localization of video games includes proper voice-over of the characters and the visual aspects of the game. If the video game is intended for children, the language provider or the translator should consider choices of words, he or she should then think about appropriate but non-offensive terms that may affect the idea or the behavior of the children.

In addition, the success of publishing and releasing gaming software in the international market depends also on whether the publisher or the developer utilize a quality good translation service. Therefore, the best way is for the video game publisher or developer to hire a linguistic specialist for gaming (yes, they do exist). The developer cannot just hire a random medical translator in localizing the video game in Spain, even if the translator is a native speaker of the Spanish language, they would not do the job properly. Thus, the translator should be am expert and specialist and of course has an creative mind in dealing with video game translation and localization, – that’s the way to make it effective!